About Our Team

Our group was founded in 2008 as "TriState Bigfoot" (shortly before reality television shows became the norm and made a circus of the field). In 2015-2016, we decided as a group to focus our attention solely on local sightings and reports and devote our attention to our home area, southwest Ohio and therefore became "Ohio Bigfoot". We are proud of the legacy we built as TriState Bigfoot, being a science and solid evidence based team in search of a flesh and blood cryptid and we will continue that legacy and research as Ohio Bigfoot. Presently we are 4 strong; Jay, our Group Founder; Adrianne, our Research Manager; Bryan, our Investigator; and Kelley, our Investigator. We are always taking on applications for stellar new recruits who want to join the quest for answers, if this sounds like you, you're welcome to fill out the application.


We are a "no kill" team that is interested in focusing our efforts on research and physical evidence for our own personal curiosity and vindication for our witnesses rather than to produce evidence to present to the world in order to prove something, further our name, or make money off the field. Most of our team members have had experiences ourselves and have spent much of our lives researching the paranormal because of it. We are also proud of the fact that we have members from all walks of life and offer different views on investigations because of that. We cover our own expenses, pay for our own equipment, travel, etc. and we do not accept payment for any of our services.

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