Ohio's "Other" Cryptids 

Jay, Ohio Bigfoot Group Founder 

Without question the most cryptid sightings in Ohio belong to Bigfoots, but other cryptids are reported in Ohio that are worth mentioning. The following article will name a few:

Werewolves, Wolf-people, and/or "Dogmen"

It is certainly folkloric in nature, but are werewolves (aka wolf-people, aka "dogmen") a case of the myth created the creature or the creature created the myth? These cryptids are reported throughout Ohio at a surprising rate and the sightings increase every year. They are reported similar in stature to Sasquatches but having feet and hands with long claws, an elongated snout, mouth full of teeth, and glowing red eyes. Most researchers do not believe that these are the werewolves of lore, that are human except during a full moon; but are something entirely different.

Loveland Frog Creature

The details of this creature's existence are very hard to follow. Allegedly this creature is a bi-pedal humanoid that was spotted on a road in Loveland near the Little Miami River. Some stories claim that the reports were made by police officers, who originally saw these frog-like creatures, and swear to this day the stories are true.. while other stories say these officers say the story was blown way out of proportion and they simply saw a wounded animal fleeing across the road. Regardless of what you believe or read, this cryptid is still sighted today and will forever have a place in Ohio's folklore.



"Thunderbirds" show up in American Indian folklore and stories but are also reported modern day. These are not your typical birds but are said to have massive wingspans and to be so great in size that they could carry off humans.


"Alien" Big Cats or "ABCs"

The word "alien" in this context does not mean these felines are from outer space but are foreign to the areas they are being reported. There are several sighting databases out there for big cats like mountain lions and panthers in Ohio and neighboring states and these sightings are nothing to scoff at as these big cats reports are as plentiful as Bigfoot sightings in Ohio. For more information on ABCs, please check out the Ohio Bigfoot article: "Black Panthers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana".


"Bessie", The Lake Erie Monster

Much like the Loch Ness Monster, Lake Erie in the northern part of our state has it's own reported lake creature sightings. Nicknamed "Bessie", this creature or creature(s) are reported similar in looks to the Loch Ness Monster(s) which are the classic Plesiosaur as we know it. The creature is embraced so much one of the local team's name, "The Lake Erie Monsters" pay tribute to the beast(s).



This one sounds wild but reptilian people are reportedly seen in Ohio as well as many other US states. What people describe seeing are bi-pedal humanoids with scaled skin, webbed hands and feet, with or without tails, elongated snouts with teeth.. all of which are lizard-like but these beings are claimed to be of a "higher intelligence".

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Melonheads are one of the more unusual cryptids reported in Ohio. These sightings are based on an urban legend in northeast Ohio were claims of sightings of humans with abnormally large heads are reported in the woods. These sightings began to spread throughout Ohio and are reported in at least 2 other states. The legend is of a group of children who were experimented on, killed their guardian, and now roam the forests of Ohio.



The Mothman is not exactly an Ohio cryptid, however, it's presence in West Virginia and association with the collapse of the Silver Bridge  on the Ohio River definitely impacted Ohio as well. Mothman (or are they Mothmen or Mothpeople?) are reported all over the world usually before or during a catastrophic disaster. What people report seeing is a bi-pedal humanoid with large moth-like wings and large glowing red eyes. The Mothman has become increasingly popular over the years, there is a museum dedicated to the cryptid in Point Pleasant, West Virginia; as well as a statue, and several movies use this creature.


Of course these are not the only cryptids in Ohio but are the most widely reported. Over the years, we have had some strange reports regarding other cryptid creatures that sound other worldly (including a humanoid bat-like creature), if you have had an experience like this, please feel free to report it to us!