At Ohio Bigfoot, we do our very best to find a logical explanation for events that happen and try to find any local animals that match the sounds we hear and record. From time to time, we are unable to dismiss our own evidence and therefore present it here for you to draw your own conclusions on. We will try to provide as much information as we can surrounding the evidence presented.

We make no claims one way or another.

(Click on audio clips, they will open in another window.) At this time the only evidence we have that we are comfortable presenting is audio.

Audio Clip 1: Recorded in August of 2008 by Jay during a weekend investigation with Adrianne and a former member in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. We had been knocking that entire night to no avail, then roughly at 0300am we heard this response in the distance. No further knocks were heard.

Audio Clip 2: Recorded in March of 2011 by Jay during an investigation in Brown County, Ohio (Mount Orab area). Also present were Adrianne, and a former member, Keith. In this clip, we heard a strange drawn out "whooping" call in the far distance. It is difficult to hear in the clip but can be made out. (Sadly it was recorded through a parabolic mic that happened to be facing the opposite direction!)

Audio Clip 3: Recorded in the same March 2011 investigation in Mount Orab, Ohio. Earlier that evening, two investigators witnessed an orange-red eyeshine swaying back and forth at the tree line during a break. Upon wrapping up the investigation, we were headed into the woods to collect our cameras. Upon entering the woods we scared something off from the same area where the eyeshine was seen. It sounded extremely large and as it retreated, it either uprooted a tree or knocked one over. This audio is also not the best quality due to the parabolic mic direction.

Audio Clip 4: Recorded in September 2011 by former member, Keith, in Brown County, Ohio (Mt. Orab area). Also present was Jay. In this clip we were just setting up for the night in the dark at approximately 2100pm.  You hear a strange (and close) siren-like howl, followed by an odd yell from another subject (sounds male, almost like someone harshly clearing their throat). The first subject then repeats the howl in a much more quiet tone. Throughout the clip you can hear Jay and Keith discussing what we were hearing exactly as we were unsure of what to make of it!

Audio Clip 5: Recorded in the same September 2011 investigation in Mt. Orab, Ohio but nearly two hours after the initial howl was recorded. This is a quick clip of just the howl. You can hear it is definitely the same subject that made the first howl that night, only this time it is at a further distance.

Audio Clip 6: Recorded in August 2011 by Jay in Brown County, Ohio (Mount Orab area). "I had been camping with my family watching the meteor shower. The kids fell asleep and I carried them in the house.. I took apart the tent and packed everything up. Just for fun I thought I would knock (first time ever on my property) on an oak tree out front. After knocking twice, I returned to the porch when to my amazement a distant knock responded. I continued this knocking "conversation" where I would knock twice (on my deck railing at this point) and the subject would knock once in response. The knocks grew louder as the time passed, indicating the subject was moving closer to my location. The final knock came from across the street.. then no further knocks were heard. In this clip, you will hear my deck railing "knocks", my dog messing around on the deck, and ultimately it ends with the final knock response."

Audio Clip 7: Recorded in May 2012 by Jay in Brown County, Ohio (Mt. Orab area). "I had gotten off work early and headed back to the pond to go fishing around 1800pm. I had only been fishing for a few minutes when I began to hear strange gibberish sounding yelling coming from the woods nearby. Oddly enough, it sounded like a gibberish argument between a male and a female. If it was a foreign language it was not one I am familiar with and the tone was different than what human speech sounds like. When I realized what I might be hearing was potential evidence, I ran to the house to get recording equipment but by the time I returned, the voices had stopped. In hopes of getting a response, I did some knocks on my fence post but did not hear anything else. I returned inside and opened my window and set a recorder up with the hopes of capturing these "voices". I sat reading a magazine when I heard this loud knock from just beyond my backyard fence."