What Are People Reporting?

Typical Bigfoot witnesses report seeing a tall, hairy, robust person/animal that is not quite a man, but not quite an ape that walks upright on two legs. Sasquatches are reported anywhere from 6 to 10 feet tall (on occasional "child", "juvenile", and/or "short" creatures, multiple creatures, and family units are reported) covered in hair that is usually black, brown, or reddish-brown but have also been reported as white, grey, and/or blonde-tan. The creatures are often reported as being very muscular in build.. but this is not always the case. Their skin is reported as being a greyish color with eyes that are very human-like but seem to reflect light as an orange to red color at night (This is referred to as "eye shine" and is what you see at night with your cats, dogs, deer, etc.).


Their face is often reported as being very "flat" with a broad nose, thick jaw and forehead. Sasquatch heads are reported as being "cone shaped" in many encounters. Their arms are longer than a humans in proportion, while the legs are somewhat shorter than what you would expect on a creature of size. They walk with a bit of a hunch and have a stride that is different than that of a person. Naturally their feet are reported to be much larger than human beings (hence the name "Bigfoot") and the prints appear to be flatter and wider and on rare occasion with the big toe outward similar to that of an ape. They are reported as being extremely fast, very quiet moving, and making an array of vocal noises ranging from grunts, snorts, gibberish talk, howls, whistling, and "whoops" to blood curdling screams. They are reported with strange behaviors like "tree knocking" (a sound like that of a branch being slammed again a tree trunk), rock / stick throwing, chest thumping, vocalizations, "bluff charges" (running at a person as if to chase them in an attempt to frighten them away), structure building, and more. They are reported to be very curious and seem to watch people from the shadows of the trees as if for entertainment purposes...

 Why Ohio?

 Ohio is a major hub for Bigfoot sightings.. depending on what resource you are using, Ohio is often found in the top 5 states for sightings. Ohio is a great mix of flat, farmlands in the west up to mountains in the east, down to vast wooded foothills in the south, and one big lake in the north!


Ohio gets a modest amount of annual rainfall, thus leading to a large selection of great wild edibles and tons of game animals that a creature (be it carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore) could survive on. The massive connecting river systems throughout the state offer some excellent water sources for Sasquatches to utilize. Without question, there are some densely populated areas around the major cities of Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, etc. but most of Ohio sits as open farmland, huge forests, and rugged mountains... leaving plenty of room for social groups of Bigfoots to easily remain unseen.

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What Is It?

That is the second biggest question on everyone's mind... what exactly is a Bigfoot? First off, we tend to confuse things and make a mistake because the name "Bigfoot" is in the singular and refer to them as "he", "him", "it", "the big guy", etc. This could not be farther from the truth as Sasquatches are numerous in existence and are both male and female, live in social groups (we believe), and have offspring. They have been around for a long time, taking into account that they appear in cave drawings and many native and ancient peoples folklore, myths, and stories. There are many different speculations and branches off those theories as to what Bigfoots truly are. We at Ohio Bigfoot do not believe or entertain any of the more outlandish theories like Bigfoots being space aliens, interdimensional beings, human-ape hybrids, etc. In our opinion, there are two more likely theories.


The first is that Sasquatches are relatives of Gigantopithecus blacki, or are modern Gigantopithecus. "Giganto", as they are sometimes referred to, was a species of giant ape (upwards of 10 feet tall) that existed up until about 10,000-30,000 years ago in parts of Asia. By those who support this theory, it is widely believed that these creatures crossed the Bering Land Bridge that used to exist connecting Europe and Asia to the Americas between Alaska and Eurasia into North America where they evolved and thrived.


Another plausible theory is that Bigfoots are closely related to humans and are a human relative that co-existed with humans but evolved in a different way than humans have. For thousands of years multiple species of humans lived on the Earth, competing for resources and space. Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens being an example of a scientifically accepted pairing.. but modern day science believes that Neanderthal suddenly died out as Homo Sapiens thrived. This may be true as Sasquatches (if they are human relatives) could be on a different branch from Homo Erectus entirely but it also cannot be ruled out that they could be a relative of Neanderthal as well. Sasquatches are often described with the same features of early humans, minus their exceptional height. Regardless of what they might be, they are seen by witnesses hundreds of times on every inhabited continent on this planet, thus warranting actual scientific study.

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