10 things we want you to know before applying to join...


1) We do background checks on all potential recruits. PERIOD. Non-negotiable. We specialize in assisting property owners with sightings, it involves a lot of trust to invite strangers on to your property. We respect and value that trust. Therefore we do not recruit anyone who has a criminal history of violence, crimes against children, and/or a history of bad decision making. Yes, we firmly believe people are entitled to second chances... however, you will not find that chance with our team.

2) We do not care about your experience level. You may have zero experience, you may be featured in 40 books, documentaries, and be the US authority on Bigfoots... it makes no difference to us and we hold you in the same regard either way. We are seeking individuals with logical minds, a willingness to learn, a willingness to teach, and a minimum of two recording devices (phones do not qualify).

3) We absolutely DO NOT take family members. We are a PROFESSIONAL team... if you go to a job interview and are offered the job, do you expect a position at that company for your spouse too? To us, this is unacceptable. If you are recruited and ask to bring your spouse, children, sibling(s), parent(s), family dog, etc. with you on an investigation you will be released on the spot.

4) We are a fun loving group but when it comes time to investigate, we are all business. We have strict guidelines, protocols, and rules that we adhere to for investigations. This is not because we are authoritarian dictators... it is because our investigations uncover the possibility for important evidence and we do not want to damage evidence or the credibility of evidence in the field. It is important to us that ALL potential recruits have a sense of humor but also that they know when to put that in check and accomplish the tasks at hand.

5) We are seeking people who are physically able to do things. We access areas that require long hikes, rugged terrain, annoying insects, paddling, wading, hill climbing, etc. If you can't walk up a flight of steps without taking a break this may not be for you.

6) We will not pay you but we will exploit your talents! No one on our team gets a paycheck, in fact the opposite occurs as we all have to chip in to rent equipment or pay for supplies. This is a labor of love. If you have a personal talent such as being a great public speaker, the ability to sketch, etc. you can expect we will be volunteering you to contribute with it!

7) We expect participation. We have constant group discussions going about new theories to test, opinions, setting up investigations, etc. If selected you are expected to check our messages on a consistent basis. We will not accept people who want to show up for investigations for the "fun stuff" only. We require everyone to participate in the research aspect.

8) We do not accept "thrill-seekers". We conduct serious research here. If you want to do this merely to "see a Bigfoot" or because you think it looks like fun or some other silly reason this team is not for you... try skydiving. We most certainly do not accept people who watch too much TV either. We do not investigate like the clowns on TV do and if you think that screaming like an idiot in the woods is investigating, well...  we are not the team for you.

9) We like to have a diverse group of people. More diversity means different opinions. Different opinions means different view points. Different view points means all angles are covered. If you cannot tolerate being around people of different races, religions, beliefs, etc. this team is not for you.

10) Be yourself! Don't exaggerate things to try and impress us (because we surely aren't going to impress you!) or tell us what you think we want to hear. Be yourself and tell us the truth, we'll either find you to be a good fit or we won't!

Still with us? That's a lot to take in! After reading all that you may have decided we have too many rules and we expect too much from you so you're moving on and that's fine. We only want people who are willing to work with us and try to be one of the best teams in this field.

If you're willing, able, and want to put it all on the line to work hard and be a productive member of this team as a potential recruit, you are now encouraged to