Are Bigfoots Really Tree Knocking?

Adrianne, Ohio Bigfoot Research Manager 

I have heard this idea that Bigfoots are using tree knocking as a form of communication originated from the Native Americans lore about Bigfoot. It has also been said that other primates use tree knocking to communicate. I'm not so sure about the Indian lore, but I do know that there is not any information to be found in any study of primates published on the net that have observed primates using sticks to knock trees as a form of communication. I have read published studies that tell about a variety of primates using sticks as tools for everything from crossing rivers and streams to collecting food, building nests and grooming.

There is something they are doing to make a sound that sounds like a wood on wood knock. To many researchers and people who have had encounters with the creature have heard this sound numerous times. Some researchers carry baseball bats and will find a tree that will make a good hollow knocking sound when hit by the bat. Sometimes they get a similar sound response but too often they don't. When a researcher does this usually they have to find a tree that has smooth bark or no bark at all. The trees that have thick or textured bark don't make a good loud knock sound that will carry any distance. Each tree you hit makes a different sound.

When the researcher does get the occasional response it is usually an immediate response, within a few seconds. If you think about it, Bigfoots would have to constantly carry a good sturdy stick that is at least a few inches in diameter with them at all times to be able to respond so quickly. The last time our team was out in the field we were curious to see how long it would take us to find a stick that we could tree knock with. We were in an area of woods that had a lot of tree fall. It took 15 minutes to find a good sturdy stick that didn't break when used to hit a tree. It also took a minute or so to find a tree that made a good loud sound when hit.

   It always seems like the responses we hear always sound the same and have the same pitch. Sometimes the sound will be closer or farther away but always the same sound. If a Bigfoot is knocking on trees it should sound differently every time since each tree sounds differently.

   I for one am beginning to wonder if this is actually what they are doing. While I was searching the net for studies of primates and their use of tools and ways they communicate, I did find an article that talked about the Western Lowland Gorillas and the Likouala Swamp Gorillas using hand clapping as a form of communication. They have been observed using this clapping technique to alert others of the approaching humans.

  Think about the sound of your own hand clapping; now imagine a hand that may be 3 times bigger than yours and the sound it could resonate by clapping. That sound could easily resemble the sound of wood on wood knocking, and could be heard miles away.

  At this point in time, no one has been able to study these creatures’ habits so it is impossible to know for sure what is happening. We can only speculate and theorize the possibilities of what is actually happening. They may even have habits that are uniquely their own!