At Ohio Bigfoot, we pride ourselves in specializing in assisting private property owners uncover evidence to any strange experiences they have had on their properties or that have been reported to them by people on their property. We understand completely that most people are a bit apprehensive about having a group of strangers in their yard for most of the evening.. this requires some trust on your part and this is a trust we do not take lightly. We would like to discuss the process of our investigations so you can get an idea of how things work to hopefully put your mind at ease.

Before we discuss the process, please know the following:

1) All Ohio Bigfoot members have successfully passed a criminal background check.

2) Our members understand the need for privacy, before any investigation is conducted we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the property owner. We travel to your location in unmarked vehicles and we conduct our investigations discreetly.

3) All of our members respect nature and property. We firmly believe in and follow the motto "Leave only footprints behind". We never litter or purposely disturb an environment. We do not trespass.

4) We do not charge for any of our services (investigations, public speaking, charity events, etc.).

5) All of our investigators have years of experience and have spent countless hours conducting research (not just television show mimics!).

The Investigation Process

Before the Investigation

Once you have sent your sighting report form, we will attempt to contact you as soon as we can. You will most likely be contacted by Adrianne, our Research Manager by phone or email. (Occasionally we meet the witness in person before the investigation but this is not usually ideal.) She may ask you a series of follow up questions, this is not because we don't believe your story but more so that we can have all the information we would like to know. She then calls a group meeting in which the remainder of the group is briefed on the sighting and calendars are checked. The investigation is scheduled.

The Investigation

We always meet in the afternoon first. This way we can familiarize ourselves with the area, set up any cameras that require set up, and have the witness(es) walk us through what happened and where (if necessary). We walk the area and look for signs of a presence (prints, hairs, etc.). We set a "basecamp" location for the evening and begin the investigation. <We appreciate that witnesses want to participate in the investigation process but we prefer to investigate within our team. We follow strict protocols and guidelines for our investigations and not knowing how to react or what to do in specific situations can ruin potential evidence. For these reasons, we ask witnesses to meet with us before and after the investigations are conducted.> During the investigation, we do utilize the "tree knocking" aspect of investigating but we NEVER attempt "howls" or other man-made vocalizations. This is for the benefit of your neighbors as much as it is for our research. Throughout the evening still photos, video, and audio are taken and recorded. When possible, once the investigation is over we like to let the property owner know we are finished, collect our equipment, and leave the property.

After the Investigation

We immediately begin reviewing all data and recordings looking and listening for anything out of the ordinary. If something is discovered, it is shared with property owner/witness for their personal review and potential dismissal. It is only used by the team with permission from the property owner (while still keeping their information private). If nothing is found, we contact the property owner/witness to let them know. Either way, we maintain an open line of communication with you. If a follow up investigation is requested, we will discuss it at this time.

If evidence is uncovered it is sent through the proper channels for analysis. We never contact the media regarding any evidence collected and we never present it unless we cannot find an explanation for it.