Along The Railroad Tracks

Jay, Ohio Bigfoot Group Founder 

One of the things that has intrigued me over the years is the amount of Sasquatch sightings on or near railroad tracks. It seems a lot of cases here in Ohio are no different, many times you can research the area of a sighting and find railroad tracks in the vicinity.

On top of running Ohio Bigfoot/TriState Bigfoot, I used to run a side project called the "Brown County Bigfoot Project". I am a resident of Brown and before I moved here I was oblivious to the amount of sightings in this county. 2012 was the first full year for the BCBFP and two of the reported sightings were on railroad tracks, barely a few miles apart, yet separated by several months. I will use these as examples in this article.

Sighting A took place in January 2012. Here is the photo of the area:

This story was relayed to me firsthand by the eyewitness and it goes like this (in my words)... around 6pm a woman and her 2 children were driving home along their normal route which takes them from Route 32 down Bodman Road to Old 32 which is now called Tri-County Highway. As this woman was crossing the tracks she saw a "very large and dark black" humanoid standing a mere 25-50 feet from the road on the left side of the tracks (marked by the "A" pin). It's back was to the family and they did not stop to see what it was doing. She added later that curiosity got the better of her and she turned around toward the end of the street and went back, but the creature was no longer visible. 

Sighting B makes this get much more interesting, before I explain, here is a photo of that location:

This sighting took place in April of 2012 on Eastwood Road. Before I get into the backstory, let me tell you why this is very interesting to me. Eastwood Road and Bodman Road (from sighting A) quite literally are separated by about a mile and run parallel to one another. Bodman Road is directly east of Eastwood. In sighting B, a gentleman reported to me seeing a "tall and black" humanoid on his drive in to work around 7am. His route takes him from Tri-County Highway down Eastwood Road to Route 32. This creature was about 200 yards to his left, standing on the right side of the tracks (marked by the "A" pin). Again it had it's back to the road, but this gentleman stopped on the tracks for a better view. He reported that before he even had his car door open to get out, the creature had retreated into the brush directly in front of it and a vehicle had come up behind him and began to honk so he was forced to leave the area.

These cases are extremely interesting and exciting... and not just to me being as I literally live 5 minutes away. This is because of the proximity to one another but also the fact that they were roughly 4 months apart. I also received a report of another sighting where the witness stated that she and her husband saw a Bigfoot run across route 32 "in the direction of the Old West Fest".... this took place in May of 2012 and is of interest because Old West Fest is held on Eastwood Road between Route 32 and the railroad tracks.

Could this be the same creature that has carved out a territory in this area? Or are there several Sasquatches roaming the tracks in Brown County? Who is to say? It cannot, however, be denied that 3 witnesses (all of which seemed like very logical, down to Earth people to me) that do not know each other but travel in the same area all saw a large, black-colored, bipedal something or other along this stretch of road and tracks.

This begs the question of why sightings are often reported near railroad tracks... is it what some call "the path of least resistance"? Meaning that since these areas are kept clear of heavy brush that it is easier to travel on? This could be, but let's keep in mind that these areas are also covered in rocks, that does not make for easy travels and stealth movement.

Could it be the amount of animals killed by trains make for an easy meal? I guess this could also be a reason.

I also read a theory once that these creatures may even hitch a ride on passing trains... this sounds very interesting and what easier way to get from point A to point B than to travel like the old hobos used to!

Maybe it's just massive coincidence?

Whatever you believe, it still gets the brain juices flowing. It is also of interest that these same railroad tracks run through Shawnee State Forest in Scioto County and East Fork State Park in Clermont County... both of which are two areas rich in Bigfoot reports.

It remains a mystery and it is always the pursuit of answers to these mysteries that drive us. So... go and watch some trains go by... who knows... you just might see a Bigfoot catching a ride.